Annual Rate Hikes Bill

Consumers Against Rate Hikes will continue opposing any Annual Rate Hike legislation

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Duke Energy are pushing state politicians to make customers pay years in advance for power plants that aren’t needed and might never be built. Why should North Carolina get stuck with last century’s energy plan that kills jobs while rewarding a single industry – investor-owned utilities?

Across the political spectrum, people are rejecting this corporate welfare. 70% of North Carolina voters firmly reject the power companies’ Annual Rate Hikes Bill according to a bi-partisan 2011 poll. North Carolina voters are adamant: Rising electricity rates are already harming seniors, families and businesses, and causing the price of everything to go up and up.

Duke Energy wants the Annual Rate Hikes Bill because the free market refuses to gamble on financially risky nuclear plant construction.

In Florida similar legislation is projected to raise rates about 50% – if construction stays on budget – with no assurance that new plants will ever be completed. The result has been a bi-partisan consumer revolt.

“We’ve learned the hard way in Florida
that allowing utilities to recover the costs of
a new power plant before [it is built] is
unfair to consumers and bad public policy.”
– Senator Mike Fasano (R) in a letter to NC legislators

The Duke business plan is to raise rates every year even though long-term electricity demand is falling and new power plants are not needed.

Other states are avoiding new power plants by developing energy-saving programs that hold down power bills and generate thousands of jobs.

“In this difficult economy, this is not the time
to increase utility rates on seniors.”
– AARP of North Carolina

What You Can Do

1) Tell your legislator to stop annual increases in our power bills

Short calls are best, but email also works.

Call the legislative switchboard at 919-733-4111 and ask them to put you through to your state representative.

Don’t know who represents you? Click the link below and enter your 9-digit zip code found on your driver’s license or a piece of mail.
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Don’t let the utilities double our power bills and damage our struggling economy.

2) Sign our petition to North Carolina Legislators

Sign the petition here

3) Write a letter to the editor

Please help generate more news items about this important issue by writing a letter to the editor. Short, to-the-point notes are best and most likely to get printed.

For more information, please see the How to Write Letters to the Editor fact sheet.