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Top 5 Ways Amazon Changed Your Shopping Life

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The internet and social media have evolved over the years. Today when you do something new or when you buy a new product there is the temptation to post about it online. It might be for instagram mehr likes or merely for the thrill of letting the world know that you own something nice. In this competitive world, every retailer is trying to keep up the pace and to transform their methods so as to satisfy and delight the consumers. Amazon can definitely be called a pioneer in terms of introducing revolutionary methods to alter the shopping experience.

  1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the first of its kind membership which comes with plenty of benefits. From being an online retailer the brand now has one of the most sought-after online movie streaming channel and music streaming services. Kindle and the plenty of online eBooks available do not even need an introduction!

  1. Dash button

1-Click shopping is one of the very first innovations that made people realize that this e-commerce player is very much different from most others out there. And now there is the Dash button for placing quick orders with the click of a button.

  1. Shop from Echo

The range of smart home speakers from Amazon have totally heated up the race and these are more than just speakers. You can place orders from the Echo quickly and conveniently with just your voice commands.

  1. Amazon Go

Brick and mortar stores are trying their best to keep the sales running as the online retailers are marching ahead with their innovative ways. In such a scenario the Amazon Go stores have shown the world how physical retailers should be operating.

  1. A pioneer in smart logistics handling

Amazon’s logistics has always been in the limelight. Besides the extensive use of robotics and air-based cargo services, the brand also recently made news for having plans about using drones for delivery.…