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Vogtle reactors delayed until 2020?, The State

{February 2, 2015}

Environmental watchdogs predict more delays and cost overruns after Georgia Power revealed this week that its nuclear reactors under construction along the Savannah River may not come online until 2020.

Nuclear lobbying turns to states

{January 24, 2010}

States enacting legislation or regulations in support of nuclear power
Florida : Statute 366.93 (2007): Cost recovery for the siting, design, liensing, and construction of nuclear and integrated gasification combined cycle power plants (2007)
Georgia : Nuclear Energy Financing Act (2009): Allows utility to recover from its customers the costs of financing associated with the construction of a nuclear generating plant
Idaho : Allows Public Utility Commission to establish binding ratemaking treatments when costs of a new electric generation facility are included in rates and allows for nontraditional cost recovery mechanisms
Kansas : Senate Bill 586 (2008) Utilities may recover “prudent expenditures” for a new nuclear generating facility
Louisiana: Public Service Commission Docket No. R-29712 (2007): Approved the incentive cost recovery rule for nuclear power generation
Michigan : House Bill 5524 (2008): Expands power of Michigan Public Service Commission, which can issue certificate of necessity allowing utilities to recover costs through rates
Mississippi : Senate Bill 2793 (2008): Authorizes the public service commission to utilize an alternative method of cost recovery on certain base load generation
North Carolina : Senate Bill 3 (2007): Act allows for ongoing review of construction costs, which may be recovered in rates
Ohio : Senate Bill 221 (2008): Twenty-five percent of electricity must be produced by alternative sources by 2025. Advanced energy projects include “advance nuclear energy production, Generation III technology or significant improvement to existing facilities.”
South Carolina : Base Load Review Act (2007): Gives the state’s public service commission the power to determine reasonable costs of a project and to change customer electricity rates on an annual basis during the construction of nuclear plants
Texas : House Bill 1386 (2007): Relates to regulation of the decommissioning costs of the first six nuclear-powered commercial electric generating units under construction by 2015.
Utah : House Bill 430 (2009): Renewable Energy Development Act classifies nuclear power as a renewable and provides tax incentives
Virginia : House Bill 3068/Senate Bill 1416 (2007): Allowed capped rate period to expire in 2008 rather than 2010, and it gave the State Corporation Commission the authority to begin to set and review electric rates
Wisconsin : Act 7 (2005): A public utility that proposes to apply for a certificate for the construction of an electric generating facility can apply to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission for an order specifying in advance the rate-making principles that will be applied to the public utility’s recovery of capital costs