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Testosterone or androgen is a male hormone and it is the contributor to the major body functions like sex drive, muscle strength, body fat distribution, and bone density. Women also produce testosterone but in small quantities. Low levels of testosterone are known to cause a number of emotional and physical symptoms like depression.

Low levels of testosterone

Low levels of testosterone are known as hypogonadism. This is a problem with the male testicles and the organs that produce testosterone.

Depression and low levels of testosterone

Depression has been linked strongly with low levels of testosterone. The exact cause of this is yet to be known but studies have shown that depression and low testosterone levels are interlinked.

Some of the signs of low levels of testosterone are also symptoms that appear in depression. Men tend to experience fatigue, a decrease in sex drive and irritability when testosterone levels are low. The same symptoms are seen in depression.

A study on low levels of testosterone in mice was conducted where the testosterone levels affected the serotonin levels in the brain. The serotonin is a neutral hormone that regulates the mood. With old age, the amount of serotonin absorbed by the body decreases. So low levels of testosterone lowered the level of serotonin and this put the older men at a risk of depression.


Irritability, depression, and anxiety are common symptoms in men with low levels of testosterone. The testosterone therapy helps to alleviate the mood. The symptoms of lower testosterone levels and depression include sadness, irritability, memory problems, trouble in concentrating and low sex drive. The physical symptoms of low testosterone levels include a decrease in muscle mass and swelling of the breast.

Check for more details on low testosterone levels and depression and the link between them on If you see any of these symptoms then it is recommended to do a checkup to diagnose if you do suffer from low testosterone levels.