About Us

Consumers Against Rate Hikes (CARH) is a nonpartisan coalition of nonprofit organizations, faith-based communities, businesses, and individuals concerned about the impact of rising electric rates on residential and business customers, local governments, schools, and other institutions. CARH supports fair and equitable rates across all classes of customers, transparency and public involvement in the rate setting process, and programs that reduce energy demand and encourage energy efficiency as a means to reduce overall monthly costs for individuals and businesses. CARH is especially concerned about the impact of an Annual Rate Hike Bill that would, if passed by the NC legislature, give Duke Energy a blank check to raise our rates every year. Those rate hikes would dramatically drive up rates for our seniors, families, schools, towns and businesses. It would hurt our struggling economy and cost us jobs. Duke Energy wants the legislature to pass an Annual Rate Hike Bill to shift the risk and cost burden from shareholders to consumers because they can’t get Wall Street to back their financially risky power plant construction plans.